From Hilarious Dogs to Cute Pups

Amazing offers hours of entertainment, assuming that you love dogs that is. From funny videos to enlightening articles and cute photos, this site offers information and entertainment that is viable to the human condition: the love for their canine. Any and all of those who pass the gates of their domain will end up crying from laughter or wishing they had a pup of their own.

One feature that you can count on from this outrageously amazing website is the Puppy of the Day picture. They offer cute and hilarious pups of the day to give the viewer a “feel good” viewing experience and to open their eyes to something just as amazing as their own pet.

Articles that offers are from breathtakingly cute subjects all the way to mind blowing articles like “Dogs that Look Like their Owners”. This one has to be a favorite of many loyal visitors.

This ridiculously adorable site also offers up memes for all to use across the Internet. If you are unsure of what a meme is, then get on to Google and check it out! Or I could just tell you right here to save you time before you head on over to the website. A meme is a picture, usually a humorous one, that captures an emotion and puts it in a way that is funny or adorable in the case of this site.

Although gives you laughter, heart warming content and pictures of adorable puppies, you will also be able to read pieces like “Dead Dog Saved by Her Guardian Angel” and other heart-warming stories that would melt even the coldest heart. It is a site that is purely dedicated to the lovable canine and their over-worked fans.

If pictures and articles are not enough for you, then you will thoroughly enjoy their collection of lovable and funny videos that they offer. From “Sleepy Doggies” all the way to videos about pups wearing people clothing, you will find something that will not only make you crack a smile, but will make you bust a gut.